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EV Charging in Different Environments

EV solution providers target all kinds of customers with state-of-the-art smarter, more reliable, more accessible, and emission-free solutions. The latest EV charging solutions have a compact design, high-quality AC wall boxes, DC fast charging with robust connectivity, and separate on-demand EV charging solutions for EV fleets. Some of the business use cases of the Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions are:

Residential Charging: EV Charging solution vendors provide easy to install EV chargers for individual houses, housing societies, and residential buildings. Home chargers are well integrated with proper safety features for people and electric vehicles. These chargers are compact, lightweight, have attached AC input cables and DC output cables, and provide flexibility to be used as portable chargers or to be wall-mounted. These chargers have more than 95% conversion efficiency, lowering the total cost of ownership of battery-powered vehicles.

Public Charging: Public charging stations use AC Type 2 chargers, which are suitable for general applications such as workplaces, businesses, malls, hotels, and public commercial charging. These systems are robust and durable and can be managed by a centralized management software. EV charging solutions installed in public places offer simple plug-and-play devices and charge all the type 2 compatible vehicles. The admin can use RFID tags for user authentication and remotely manage the applications and energy costs through the software associated with these chargers.

Fleet Charging: EV Fleet charging solutions require a DC charger to support all types of vehicles and charging needs. These fast DC chargers come with cutting-edge technologies in hardware design and application software. They also allow seamless integration with payment platforms and are capable of firmware and software up-gradation over-the-air. These DC chargers can accommodate 30KW – 300 KW of EVs.

 Solar Technology 

Standard Test Conditions (STC) are the laboratory conditions under which all PV modules are tested. It can be said that STC is a benchmark for comparing different types of PV modules, even if they are not from the same provider. 

STC means:

  1. An irradiance of 1000 watts per square meter, which equivalent of peak sunshine on a surface directly facing the sun in a day without clouds.
  2. Temperature of the cell – 25°C. The temperature of the solar cell itself, not the temperature of the surrounding.
  3. Mass of the air – 1.5.

Nominal Operating Cell Temperature  (NOCT),  the real site conditions under which a PV module will operate. 

  1. The irradiance is 800 watts per square meter
  2. the temperature considered is 45 (+/- 3) °C.
  3. The light spectrum is the same as for STC.

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Electricity Duty

Electricity duty is defined as per the policy of the central government with taxes going to the state government. This differs from state to state. The tax is also different for different sectors and industries.

Electricity Duty is applicable on the usage of electricity and the amount goes to the state government. The amount is applicable as per the central government policy.

Cross Subsidy

Though the cost of supplying electricity to all the categories of consumers remain the same the tariff charged is different. Domestic consumer may be charged Rs.2.5 per unit whereas industrial consumer may be charged Rs.3.5 per unit for the consumption. Domestic consumers are cross subsidized by the industrial consumers. This happens to be one of the major tool for energy conservation.

Electricity Duty or Tax

As a substitute to the cross-subsidy, state government uses tax and duty to give subsidy to the needy consumers. Different duty or tax is charged for different consumer categories. With the collection of this duty, government manages the finances for the subsidy that is provided to the needy consumers.

Application of Electricity Duty or Tax

The duty is charged on consumption at the applicable rate per unit of electricity consumed. If you electricity consumption is higher, you will be getting a higher electricity duty. Certain states the duty is charged on the total charges. The only way to reduce the duty is to reduce the consumption per month. This ensures that efficient energy conservation measures are taken.

Details of electricity duty or tax is as follows as per the Tariff Orders issued by various State Power Utilities:

StateDomesticCommercialAgricultureLT IndustryHT industryRailway
Andhra Pradesh66-66-
GujaratRural - 7.5% Urban – 15%25%-10%15%-
Himachal Pradesh3%8%10%Small – 10% Medium – 15%17%-
Jammu and Kashmir14 – 22%14 – 22%22%22%22%-
Madhya Pradesh9-15%9-15%-9%15%-
Manipur2 Surcharge – 10%2 Surcharge – 10%2 Surcharge – 10%2 Surcharge – 10%2 Surcharge – 10%-
Tamil Nadu-5%-5%5%-
Uttar Pradesh57.
West Bengal10%10-15%-2.5-12.5%15%-


  1. The above data is Paisa per KWH.
  2. The data was published on March, 2014. The rates may be different for 2016.

States that do not charge any tax are:

  • Andaman and Nicobar Island
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • Daman and Diu
  • Lakshadweep
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Pondicherry
  • Sikkim
  • Tripura

  • Type of Lithium-ion Cell / Battery

    six basic lithium battery get their names from their active materials.

    1. lithium Cobalt Oxide (liCoO2) LCO, 
    2. Lithium Manganese Oxide (LiMn2O4) LMO, 
    3. Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide LiNiMgCoO2 NMC, 
    4. Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 LFP, 
    5. Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide LiNiCoAlO2. NCA 
    6. Lithium Titanate Li2TiO3 LTO

    LiFePO4 batteries ideally suited for solar applications where safety, stability, and cycle life are primary requirements.
    The molecular structure absorbs and releases lithium ions without a large change in volume, and is resistant to the growth of defects from daily charge and discharge cycles.

    The safety of NMC (also called NCM) electrodes is lower than LiFePO4, but it is typically better than other cobalt based electrodes.

    Lithium Titanate
    Lithium titanate (LTO) can be used instead of graphite for the anode (negative electrode) of NMC or lithium manganese oxide (LMO) batteries. Lithium titanate batteries are considered very safe and have extremely long cycle lifetimes.

    Why Thermal Management is important?

    1. Temperature of the pack directly important:
    2. Electrochemical Reactions
    3. Efficiency of Pack
    4. Charge Acceptance
    5. Power & Energy Availability
    6. Safety & Reliability
    7. Life & life cycle cost

    Battery Thermal Management Systems (BTMS) 

    1. Cooling 

    Due to inefficiency, battery cells will not only generate electricity but also heat. This heat should be moved from the battery pack when battery temperature reaches the optimum temperature or even in advance. Thus, a cooling function is required in BTMS. 

    2. Heating 

    In cold climates, battery pack temperature probably falls below the lower temperature limit. Hence, a heating function, such as PTC heater, is required to assist the battery pack to reach the proper temperature range in a shorter time. 

    3. Insulation 

    In extreme cold or hot weather, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the battery pack is much larger than that in mild weather. 

    4. Ventilation 

    Ventilation is required to exhaust the hazardous gases within battery pack. In some systems, such as air systems, this function is combined with cooling and heating functions. 

    Design Considerations of Battery Pack

    1. Electrical design
    2. Mechanical Design
    3. Thermal Design
    4. Life
    5. Durability
    6. Performance
    7. Safety

    Number of cells assembled through series and or parallel connection to get required voltage and capacity called battery pack. 
    1. Design Consideration for a battery pack:
    2. Cells connected in Series to get higher voltage 
    3. Cells in connected in Parallel to get higher Capacity 

    How to make a Battery Pack?

    Design Consideration for a battery pack:
    1. Thermal design to reduce the heat generated from the pack (cells) immediately 
    2.    Control Cells temperatures 
    3. Mechanical design – safety considerations 
    4.  Control bulge effects 
    5. Battery Management System (BMS) 
    6. Monitor each cells voltage/current/temperature and balancing cells during charging and discharging
    7. Safety key – cut off system function when temperature increase
    8. Communicates with charger to charging strategy
    9. Electrical Design
    10. Choose Voltage and Current 
    11. Limit cable/connector ohmic losses  <200 

    Main Revenue Streams
    EV Domain:
    1. Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
    2. Battery Swapping Partners

    1. Energy Storage System Manufacturers
    2. Solar Street light Manufacturers

    Components of charging station

    1. MCCB
    2. MCB
    3. SPD
    4. AC Meter
    5. DC Meter
    6. Auxiliary power supply
    7. Insulation monitoring device 
    8. CM Board

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    Academy of EV Technology - 


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